Are You Ready for a Change?

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Question to my guides: It appears that we all keep going around in a loop. We get to the point of change – which requires making a different choice. It looks like we are on the verge of change, but instead go back to old ways. We believe things are going to be different even though we do the same things over and over. If we desire real change, what is important for us to understand?

Guides: When it appears that you have made a different choice, yet things remain the same, you have reentered the loop. You are destined to get to the point of change again. At which point you will once again have an opportunity to make a different choice. Where are you in this process? What choice can you make that is different than before? Can you choose love instead of fear, compassion instead of judgment, stretching instead of shrinking, adventure instead of familiarity, expansion instead of conformity? It requires honesty and courage to break the cycle and begin a new cycle that spirals you upward to unconditional love and unity.

Let’s be practical in these matters. Spiritual awakening is about change – the change in intention, thought, emotion, perception, and eventually matter or form. In your life, there are opportunities to change. When you change anything there is a natural ripple effect. It may seem minor to you, yet even a small ripple will eventually move a mountain.

We advise you to examine up-close your internal affairs to instigate the change necessary to reach your goal of love, peace, and joy. Where in your life have you forgotten your goal? Are you judging yourself or others when compassion is what is needed? Have you decided that to let go of your goal is safer than leaping into the unknown? Are you limiting your options because you fear ridicule, judgment, or failure? Are you listening to your own thoughts instead of hearing the thoughts of your Soul?

Dear ones, you have so many opportunities to start a new cycle in your life. You do not recognize these as opportunities because you do not see how one small change can make a difference in your life and the life of others. This message is not to highlight where you have failed. There is no such thing as failure. Even failing to make a different choice is learning – as you soon will realize the familiarity of your circumstances and therefore be open to choosing differently.

Always love yourself for your learning capabilities. Never judge your failure to make a better choice. What you are is beyond all choices on the earth plane. Yet, the world is here to help you experience a wide range of choices which ultimately teaches you what you really want – the experience of unconditional love and unity.

We are here to help you examine your choices so you can choose faster what you want. Use this teaching as a way to examine your opportunities today. You are on the precipice of change. The opportunity can propel you to take a leap into a new cycle. If it is too difficult to make a different choice, even KNOWING you are not choosing anew but something familiar, IS a change! Celebrate this change. It’s moving you in the direction you want to go.

Appreciate yourself and your opportunities. This change in attitude and perception of the moment you are in, creates ripples that will lead you on a new path. We love you and honor all your choices because everything leads to the ultimate change in awareness of what is real and true.

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  1. I found this reassuring as I go through my daily life and remember to ask my Higher Self before I decide or do anything. If find that is the quickest way for me to change:)
    Thank you Patti.

    AmyJo Gorsline

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