You Deserve to Be Free

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To learn what you are and what is real and true is the ultimate freedom. Until you know these facts, you will not experience being truly free. Freedom is a right, and rights are given to all regardless of status, choices, failures, successes, or beliefs.

YOU evaluate the right to freedom based on proof that you have earned it through believing the correct doctrine, siding with the right political system, sacrifice and hard work, your commitment to a cause, your ability to serve others, and so on. If freedom is an inherent right, then all beings are created free. And no acts, positions, or lack of concern for others can prove you are undeserving, and therefore should be denied your right to be free.

Nothing imprisons you. You are free to break out of any limitations, thoughts systems, emotional traumas, and ideas of who you are. Having the freedom to do so, does not mean you alone can step out of what constricts you. When one has been beaten down by imposed limits, it is easy to lose your strength to demand what is rightfully yours. You need heavenly and earthly helpers to remind you of your inherent rights and to lend a hand to help you stand and walk out of your prison cell.

So many beings want to help you break free. To help, there must be cooperation on the part of one who has forgotten what it feels like to be free and has bought into the notion that they are not deserving of instant release. If someone lends you a hand to lift you up, you must reach out your hand also. When these two hands join, the bond creates a connection so that the one in need can receive the strength, love, and remembrance of their beingness.

To reach out your hand can be quite difficult for some. They are burdened with self-loathing and defeat. When one is able to reach out and grab onto the helping hand that is offered, they have decided they are deserving of freedom. The mistake of believing they must stand on their own and fight for their rights, often will result in discouragement. The initial energy surge peters out quickly because they have been in prison too long.

Your deservingness and willingness to receive help is the part you play in your own release. The fact that you can’t do it alone is not a weakness. It is a recognition of how hard it has been to struggle with imprisonment. Accept all the help given to you in this time of stress and despair because you are deserving of it. One day you will be the one offering your hand to others who need help in finding release.

Above all, remember that your heavenly and earthly helpers are given because you are an earth angel, and your destiny is to fly free.

Tarot Deck – Shadowscapes Tarot – Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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