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Question to my Guides: There are so many different methods of healing claiming to be the ONE that works. It can be confusing. What is important for us to know about healing?

Healing is a free gift. Everyone is worthy of God’s grace. The problem is the same, yet the remedy may be different. We begin this message with these three simple facts. God asks nothing of you to receive a gift. You are deserving of gifts. And, the problem is always the same yet the remedies vary depending on the needs of everyone involved.

Many have trouble focusing on these three facts and instead wish to know the ONE way all healing is accomplished. The need to have one answer for all expressions of dis-ease is the fear that there is a wrong way to heal. This idea is rooted in the belief that you can do something wrong and therefore are undeserving of relief from dis-ease – whether it be emotional, mental, material, or physical. WE know there is the tendency to judge yourself as unworthy of God’s grace. That is why we ask you to focus on the facts and let the remedy be given that is perfect for you.

Many people have experienced healing by using various methods including changing beliefs, praying in unison, meditating, and so on. However, they are not always aware of what the problem was or why the method worked to restore wholeness. Underneath all remedies including traditional medicine’s anecdotes, is the real problem, the worthiness of each person, and the love that inspires all changes for the better.

Your question about what heals dis-ease is a good one. To answer your question let us rise above the confusion by using these three facts to guide you to what is best for you or others who ask for your help. Remember your view of the whole is limited. Yet, you have access to an all-knowing Source that can guide you toward wholeness. When you realize the remedies of the one problem are individualized, you remain open to the answer made just for you.

Eventually one realizes the ultimate truth of one God, one world, one Spirit. Until then, the concept of individual parts in need of repair is prevalent. And, a remedy is given that is perfect for the condition of separation. Trust that all remedies contain the seed of ultimate truth and use what is right for you at the time.

Praise to all Beings who are finding their way home in their own unique ways.

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