Let Us Lift You Up

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Within every moment there is a portal that leads to the realm of spirits and guides whose mission it is to link you to the heavens above. Without them you would be lost in a world of darkened thoughts and deeds, forgetting that there exists all around you, heavenly light. When your world is too dark to bear, most cling to things on this level for comfort and a feeling of security. This reaction is understandable considering how scary it can be when it appears that darkness is all that exists. We ask you to do your best to refrain from clinging to what you know to stabilize yourself and reach through the clouds and connect with us.

We call to you constantly beseeching you to join us where we are. You call to us pleading that we enter the darkness and join you there. Our task is to lift you up to a higher level of understanding where joy, peace, and love abide. Your task is to lighten your mind and heart with these gifts and bring them back to the world where you think you live.

You call to us, but you struggle to join us because it requires you to let go of what you are clinging to for stability. This rooted feeling that you long for in turbulent times, can only be experienced when you join with us. Yet you insist on clinging to a twig with no roots, believing it will keep you stable in an unstable world.

We ask you now to pause and feel the difference in energy between clinging and floating. You believe clinging gives you stability and floating destabilizes you. If this conclusion were true, which would you choose? Stability of course! Yet, what if things are not as they seem.

The channeling stops. I am given an image of a large open field of land. It is a gloomy day. A thick blanket of clouds looms overhead. Above the clouds, there is golden light. This level is filled with angelic beings.

Take a step back and look at the level below the clouds and the level above. Below, everything is moving at a fast pace. Mountains are shifting. The ground is shifting. Weather is shifting. Things are springing to life and things are dying. What is true changes from moment to moment.

Now, look above the clouds to the level where we exist. There is a constant glorious glow of golden light. Everything that exists here is vibrantly alive. Energy of peace, love, and joy radiates without wavering or diminishing. What is true remains true without fluctuating in thought. Feel the constancy of this level of existence. No matter where you move to on this level, you find the same light energy and understanding. We wish to offer you this stabilization. But to accept our offering, you must be willing to withstand the feeling of floating for a short time.

The channeling stops again. I see an image of me standing on the rooftop of a tall building. The building sways. I hear the mortar crackling indicating that the foundation is crumbling. Another building is 6 feet away from me. I must run and jump into midair to reach it. Determined, I leap into the air. For a brief moment, I am floating. It feels destabilizing and scary.

THIS is a momentary feeling. However, it is far less scary than being on top of a building whose foundation is crumbling. We are giving you this message as an alternative to trying to create order out of ruin as an effort to stabilize you in turbulent times. You’re better off reaching for higher ground.

I see an image of me in the middle of the ocean holding onto a rope dropped down from the heavens above. The rope is golden light.

When you reach for us, you create an opening and a channel for the light to travel through from the heavens to the earth. While you remain anchored in this light you no longer need the world to be the source of your stability. Now that you are beginning to recognize that reaching this level is what you want, here is a simple practice that will help carry you to where you want to be:

Call to mind the image of the two planes of existence separated by the line of heavy clouds. See yourself floating upward. Pass through the clouds and see yourself surrounded by angels. Now, go about your earthly tasks with your mind and heart above the clouds and your feet moving about in the world. And feel secure within our loving embrace.

Tarot Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot – Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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  1. Boy, did I need to hear this. In my fear I have been clinging to defensiveness and consequently finding an uneasy peace. Thank you for encouraging me to push through into the unknown and trust that there’s something new and reassuring to be reached.

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