The Goal of Any Endeavor on Earth

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We would like you to remember the goal of any endeavor on earth. To remind you of the purpose is to remind you of who you are. The means to reach the goal also reminds you of who you are because each step can only be executed by one who is in touch with some aspect of their Divine nature. When one has a goal of healing, peace, happiness, fulfillment, connection and so on AND they take steps toward the goal – that is the Self remembering its essence and ability to be itself. It doesn’t matter what means are used to achieve the goal. Worldly forms can be just as helpful as meditation IF it leads to an inner experience of joy, love, connection, and peace.

The inner experience is the teacher. The form is the tool to instruct. When learning occurs, the tool is irrelevant. You may not realize that the inner experience is the vibrational equivalent of spiritual beingness if it is achieved through worldly means. The one thing that can be shared is invisible energy. Form is not shareable. Therefore, it’s importance to helping the whole world experience its natural state is minor. Yet, through form you can achieve the vibrations that DO help the world. And, that IS important to healing the world.

Let’s take as an example the form of relationships. When two bodies and personalities relate to one another, there is an energy exchange. Much like rubbing your hands together to create heat energy – your relationships result in a vibration that is shared with the whole world. The behavior, words, or actions do not matter as much as the energy that is created when the forms interact. When you experience an inner peace, love, and connection you are sharing these energies with the whole. The same is true if you are building a business, participating in a sport, or sharing in a community event. What you create that matters is a vibrational energy. When these energies are experienced, the tools (or form) used to get to the goal are irrelevant.

If you can use today’s teaching to remind you of what is valuable and helpful to others, you can fully participate in your chosen endeavors without fear that you will be led astray. When you feel energies of your true nature and true home you can rejoice knowing their true value. You are finally experiencing something that CAN be shared with everyone – regardless of the form. This recognition allows you to fully feel these energies without guilt, which opens your heart to receive even more of these energies.

To help you in this endeavor – when you feel excited, loving, peaceful…close your eyes and imagine these energies expanding to reach others who are far away. Your desire to help others will increase your willingness to receive more and more of who you are. This method is how you help yourself and help others without getting tangled in the world of form. And, it ensures steady progress toward the ultimate goal of awakening.

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