The Fruits of Your Labor Are Upon You

Abundance – Transcendence – Harmony

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I had a dream that was very intense. It was a disturbing scene of multiple losses: loss of family, friends, money, home, direction, and compassion. I experienced heartbreaking emotions that were so strong it woke me up. With my heart pounding and tears falling, I was given an understanding: I was healing emotional wounds that were not just mine.

The collective healing of emotions and traumas is powerful. Knowing that I was feeling and healing not just for myself but for and with others, peace washed over me. I had a sense that experiencing the emotions without censor or resistance was preparing me for something new. I wrote in my journal, “I am ready to receive what I am ready for. Thank you.”

Channeled Message

No – thank YOU. You have done the hard work to get yourself here. Now you are ready to receive what has always been waiting for you. Now you understand why we are leading you toward something new. Now you are ready to receive without confusion or guilt. Open your heart to receive our appreciation for all that you have done to get you to this point of receiving what’s next. It has not been easy for you to overcome obstacles. But you have done so in an authentic way that honors everyone. Receive Heaven’s gratitude and blessings without shying away or being falsely humble.

You’re battle-weary right now but soon you will see the full spectrum of your accomplishment.

The fruits of your labor are upon you. They are being born this very minute. When you see them all manifested, know why they are in your present moment. The seeds you sew lead to better tomorrows. Do not negate the necessity of the sewing needed to produce a harvest. It takes courage and strength to toil, not knowing what the results will be. When you see the results, rejoice in the whole process.

Divine love and beauty are manifested because of your willingness to overcome obstacles. Honor every part of the process, including yourself. Without you, nothing can be accomplished in this world. The Creator needs a willing heart and a courageous spirit to move through debris so that love can shine in the world. You did this with love in your heart. Now it’s time to reap the rewards.

Another channeled message that may be helpful:

During times of solitude and sometimes painful experiences, our peace may be disturbed. But, that is only because we expected to be reaping a harvest instead of cultivating the soil. This message sheds light on what is really going on during times of struggle. When we understand the great work we are doing to prepare for new life, we can rest in faith and peace.

Tarot Cards: Shadowscapes Tarot Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Music: Relaxing Meditation – Composer: Daniel Papp – Used by Permission – Standard Music License – 1/7/21, Envato Market

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