Accept the Gifts Given to You Now

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You wait for things to appear that are your destiny. Yet, what is happening in the future is not yet in your present. You look at the present and do not see contained within it, the future. So, you look ahead for what is yet to come, missing what is given to you now. What gifts are in the present moment? Do you overlook them because they are not what you imagined they would be? Are your expectations of the form in which they would appear, preventing you from recognizing them as gifts given to you now?

At times it is difficult to see any gifts in the present when you are experiencing challenges and despair. Yet, contained in that very moment of struggle are the seeds of gifts that will appear in future present moments. It is not a gift to struggle with fear, limitation, and despair. Yet, what you are willing to examine and experience in the struggle is the seed that you plant that will sprout into abundance in future present moments.

Let us address what often can happen when you are in one of those future present moments that exist because of the seed you planted in your despair. If the gift offered is not in a form you expect, you may dismiss it as valuable and refuse to enjoy it while you wait for the future gift you expect will be yours in due time. We only wish to make your life more enjoyable by helping you recognize when you are turning away from present moment gifts because you are waiting for the gifts that are your destiny.

Look closely at your present moment. If there is strife, know that your willingness to feel the emotions and pray for help is the seed you plant for future gifts. If there is present a gift and you are not appreciating it because it is not in the form you imagined, pause to reconsider how you want to respond to the offering of this gift. If you will accept it as a gift with gratitude and appreciation and let future gifts be unknown to you, you can enjoy the moment of fruition that came from your past sewing.

The cycle of sewing and reaping the harvest is the past and present joined together for a continuous flow of abundance. The present is your past’s future. The gifts you are receiving may not have been imagined in the past. That is proof to let go of your expectations of the form in which the gifts will appear and stay present to what is being offered now.

Again, we say to you that struggles are not the gifts of the universe that you are destined to receive. They are the seeds you plant to bring about the harvest that has not manifested yet – IF you work diligently, honestly, and openly with the struggle. Pray for help and honor yourself and others when life is challenging. You WILL reap the benefits of your tenacity to go through growing pains.

The purpose of today’s teaching is to help you realize when these gifts are present and to enjoy them fully without concern for future gifts. This awareness and acceptance will allow you to enjoy the time of the harvest by keeping your focus in the present. Fully accept the challenge and struggle, and fully accept the gifts without concern for future struggle or future gifts. All of life is sacred – even moments of struggle. Everything leads to good in the end.

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