Emotions in Relationships

Distress – Emotional Stability – Unbiased Judgment

“Feel all of your emotions,” is a directive we have given to you before in previous messages. You wonder, however, what responsibility you have to change other’s emotions from negative to positive. We wish to address this question more specifically now.

Emotions are essentially your own. Feelings arise from within yourselves. Your question about responsibility is likened to the analogy of a pot of water on a stove that is bubbling because of the flame underneath. Are you responsible for causing the water to heat up? Are you responsible for cooling off the water?

Your responsibility lies in witnessing what is happening – listening and watching without running away. But, the flame and the pot of boiling water are a self-contained unit that is operating outside of you. If the gas is turned on, then you may have been the one to strike the match that began the process of heat increasing the temperature to the point of bubbling water. Yet once the match is lit, the flame and its effects are experienced outside of you.

The match could be a behavior, decision, or word. But if the gas was not turned on, the match would have no effect on the water in the pot – even if the behavior, decision, or word is unloving and thoughtless. The chemical reaction that results is the responsibility of the one who is feeling the emotions. YOU are responsible for looking at your behavior, decision, or words – NOT because it caused the emotional response. But because you may not be in alignment with your natural state of love.

You want to be congruent throughout your being – thoughts, words, and actions all in alignment with your loving nature. THIS is your responsibility. If others have an emotional reaction, it gives you the opportunity to look closer at yourself to examine where you may have been out of alignment and make the adjustment. NOT because you caused others pain but because you want to be who you are, always.

If the situation is reversed and the boiling water is YOUR experience (in other words, you are the one feeling emotions) then see the other as one who may have lit the match. But if the gas was not turned on it would have no effect on the temperature of the water. If it does then feel the emotions fully and with support from us who know how to cool off the temperature of the water. Take full responsibility for your own emotions. Ask the other person to examine their thoughts, behaviors, and words so they may continue to be more authentically themselves – NOT because they are responsible for your pain. Ultimately there will be no pain no matter what someone says or does when there are no triggers (or gas) to ignite the flame.

Your ultimate goal is to be at peace and remain in your natural state consistently. We have given you a way to reach this state of being while in relationship with one another. If both parties can agree to this way of responding to negative and positive emotions, you can grow into this natural state together and lovingly.

Notice that we included positive emotions as well. These emotions also originate from within. The other person does not give or take away loving emotions. Yet, they can be the match that helps you get in touch with what is within, in the same way they can ignite the negative emotions.

This way of relating can be a beautiful experience and one that can aid you in consistently experiencing your true being in life IF you see it that way. If you use the method we have given you, your relationships can help you realize your true nature. Relating to each other in this way gives you an opportunity to walk the path home together.

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