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It does not always occur to you to look at life from a different perspective when troubles rock your world. Life is not as it seems. What you understand is not what is going on. In the 3D world, nothing appears as it really is. A 3-dimensional view cannot see all aspects of a situation. If you see three points of a triangle and declare, “That is the whole and there is nothing else to see,” you miss its full dimensional shape. You do not see behind it, below it, or above it. If you rotated completely around the triangle you would see its entire structure, depth, and substance. When you view it as a flat triangle you miss its true essence. You miss its fullness as a multidimensional shape.

You view your world as a flat triangle without considering there is so much more to what you see. This limited view affects your emotions, your reactions, and your behaviors. When you realize you live in a multidimensional universe and are willing to expand your view, everything changes – not just what you see – emotions, reactions, and behaviors all change as a result. We ask you not to be stuck in a certain point of view when you interact with yourself and the world. What we want to show you is such a drastic change from your understanding that it can only be accepted by a heart and mind that is open to surprises, epiphanies, and eureka moments of new discoveries.

The collective likes to see and understand life from a closed and agreed-upon viewpoint. Be prepared to stand out from the crowd when you open to surprising insights. Not many will understand or agree with how you see things. Stay quiet in your knowing and let it guide you through life’s troubles. Your peace will be enough to convince others life is not as it seems and that to open to a new perspective is helpful in resolving troubling situations.

“Be of one mind,” does not mean you all will collectively agree at the precise exact moment. The dawning of truth occurs at different stages. In the meantime, be aware of what the one mind knows is true and quietly rest in this knowing. Let your peace be what draws others to join in the collective knowing of truth.

A collective sharing of ideas can be a way you feel connected. When you do not share an agreed-upon concept, it does not mean you are disconnected from the whole. You can feel your oneness with others without sharing the same ideas. When you realize this fact, you won’t be so intent on convincing others that what you see and understand is the truth. Find your connection with others beyond ideas and the sharing of physical space and you find your freedom to expand your view without losing your feeling of belonging.

We give this message to you to help expand your understanding and allow others to go at their own pace without fearing you will lose the love that binds you together.

Tarot Cards: Shadowscapes Tarot Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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