Personal Intuitive Dream Interpretation

Have you received a spiritual message and are confused about its meaning and how to apply it to your situation, relationship, or circumstance? Receiving a message from the spiritual realm is just the beginning. Accurately interpreting the insight and guidance can increase the speed and ease of movement toward a qualitative change in your life experience. Our analytical mind interprets from a limited view and thus limits the information available. Luckily, we have another way to glean understanding that will lead to miraculous changes. The same energy that provided the message can help you interpret it, too! However, standing so […]

Dreaming Miracles Book Club

A bi-monthly online event where we explore Dreaming Miracles chapter by chapter. Dive deep into the meaning of these spiritual messages and explore how you can use the teachings to experience your own miracles. Patti Fields shares the metaphysical and practical interpretations of the dreams and visions from her book, Dreaming Miracles – Spiritual Messages That Help and Heal. Through experiential exercise and meditation, you can learn ways to apply the messages to personal situations and relationships so you too, can experience the healing power of these dream and vision messages. There will be time for Q&A. Video Clip: A […]