When You Are Up Against Controlling Energies

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A dominant, authoritative energy seeks to undermine the feminine mystique–the mystical, creative element that gives birth to new ideas and transforms a dualistic society of leaders and followers to a collective flow of nurturing love and healing. This controlling energy questions the feminine ways which is led by intuition and the heart, and tries to exert command over the way the world solves its problems.

When you are up against an external or internal dominant energy that seeks to control the outcome through conventional means, the feminine creative energy stops abruptly. A creative flow is nurtured with tenderness and coaxing into new life, not driven to execute a plan predestined to control how life should be. The creative flow listens to the sounds and rhythm of the heart and naturally flows without a predetermined destination. When these two energies collide, the dominant energy wants to direct the outcome, while the free-flowing heart wants to feel into what is next to be created.

When dominant energy seeks to block the creative flow, how do you respond? Do you express dominant energy to meet the demand or simply move around it, like water flows around a rock? Your past experiences of being dominated may tempt you to rise up and fight. When you have this reaction you leave the heart and enter a world of intellect and reason. Stay in the heart energy even when dominant energy is present. Let your heart energy flow around the rigidity. It will acquiesce and give way to the flow of life when its force is met with the heart.

It is challenging to stay heart focused when one wants to engage you with the intellect. The intellect cannot understand what the heart knows. Do not engage with the mind. Continue to return to the heart and feel your way through. Lead with your heart and the mind will follow. And let THIS energy give way to a new creation.

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  1. I just had an experience that is exactly what you described!! Thank you for sharing your inspirations and clarifying so much!

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