A Surprising Teaching on Manifestation

Detachment – Attention to Truth – Don’t Worry

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What is it that calls you to this life? Is it your desire for riches and pleasures or are these the fruits of fulfilling your true desire? We ask you to contemplate these questions in a manner that allows for your real motivation to be known. The pursuit of the fruits of a tree can prevent you from finding the source that produces the fruit. You miss what you are looking for because you are seeing something else.

The tree and its fruits can never be separated. When you discover one you have the other. Yet, if you hold the fruit of the tree in your hand with tenderness and love, you do not recognize or appreciate what gave life to the fruit. Therefore, when the fruit drops to the ground, you believe you have lost what is most precious to you and you will cry. For to lose what you love and appreciate IS devastating.

When you love and appreciate what gave life to the fruit and you realize it is a never-ending source that will produce more fruit, the fruit becomes something to enjoy. Yet, when it falls away, you will not grieve. Instead, you look to the tree and await the gifts and wonders that it will produce next. When you hold a beautiful, ripened, sweet fruit in your hand, turn to its source and say, “Thank you.” Appreciate what is truly worth appreciating and enjoy the fruits of life. This response to life’s gifts will ensure less tears and more peace.

Use this visual imagery of a tree and its fruits when life’s changes are upon you. The tree is steadfast and never changes. What it produces varies and all manifestations of the tree should be celebrated. Hug the tree and look up at its branches full of fruit. Rejoice in the splendor of what you see while keeping your attention on your connection with the tree. When the leaves change color and different fruits are produced, you will not lose your bearings or be dismayed.

Hold firm to what is holding firm to you and enjoy the changes of the season. The tree calls you to hold onto its strong foundation so you can live life to its fullest without fear of losing what is valuable to you – The Tree of Life.

Tarot Cards: Shadowscapes Tarot Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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  1. Honey, you bless me and what has been “normal” to me, you have given me a deeper understanding. My connection to Spirit has always been “normal” to me and kept close to my heart and prayer life. Thank you for “normalizing” it for me. ?

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