Have Faith in Better Moments to Come

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Spend a moment considering how life continues to flow regardless of events and situations, difficulties, or challenges. Each morning the sun rises, time ticks away, and moments lead to more moments. The content of these moments varies. Regardless of how you experience the moment, there is another moment on its heels.

You are never stuck in time, although it may seem that way to you when moment after moment you have the exact same experience. If you are sad or fearful in one moment and the next moment you continue to feel the same emotions, you may conclude that time is not moving forward at all, and that your life will be one continuous experience of sadness and fear.

Life is a series of moments that flow continuously like a river constantly moving to reach the ocean. It’s OK if you are sad or fearful for a thousand of these moments. We are not suggesting that the WAY you experience a moment is wrong. We are helping you see that even a heartbreaking moment is just one moment in time. There are always more moments to come that will not contain the same sadness or fear, although you may not know when that moment will arrive or how far down the river you will travel before you reach a moment that is unlike the previous moments.

We want you to remember that each moment presents a new opportunity to experience something different. Again, we tell you there is no right or wrong way to experience a moment. You may experience joy in one moment and then sadness in the next moment. The teaching today is to learn that each moment is a fresh start. Regardless of whether it is filled with the contents of a thousand previous moments, there is reason to have faith in better moments to come.

You try so hard to change the moment you are in when the moment is uncomfortable. Change does not occur during the moment you are already in. However, the next moment can be quite different. How can you prevent future moments to be like the one you are trying to change? Experience each moment to its fullest, whether it is filled with laughter or tears. Notice any thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations without judgement. And then, take a breath. Ask your guides and angels to be with you in the next moment and experience that moment fully without judgment. This practice not only provides opportunities for a different experience of a present moment, it is also a subtle way for you to know who you are. Over time you learn that the moments may contain different experiences, but YOU remain exactly the same.

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