Meditations based on A Course in Miracles teachings and practice
Teachings on A Course in Miracles


Teachings on a variety of topics such as: how is healing accomplished,  honoring the desires of the Soul,  using
relationships for inner healing, letting go of fear, how to grasp the meaning of "illusion", the search for happiness, our
true purpose, manifesting, how to change our beliefs, how to attain inner peace, what is prayer, how to look at the
body, etc.  Many recordings include a reference sheet and a worksheet that takes you through a process of release.    
1-2 hours in length

Approximately 30 minutes in length
Wide range of topics are covered in these recordings such as: discussion of miracles and miracle impulses, Adam &
Eve - the symbolic story of the separation, A Course in Miracles' perspective on the 'financial crisis", what to do when
fear comes up, searching the mind for false beliefs and how to release them etc.

Approximately 30 minutes in length
A Course in Miracles perspective on the meaning of Thanksgiving ,Christmas, New Year's Day,  Mother's day,
Valentine's Day (relationships), Lent and Easter, July 4th.

Talks on various topics such as terrorism, sickness, surrender, listening to the Holy Spirit, what is a miracle?, etc.
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