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To Follow ACIM do I Need to Give up TV and Other Worldly Things?
Much of our resistance in following this path is around the idea of giving up life as we know it. We sense a change is coming,
and the ego rushes in to tell us what that change will mean. If we listen to the ego voice, we will become afraid and might
even stop practicing because of what we fear will happen if we keep listening to Holy Spirit.  This article addresses this fear
and corrects any notions that your spiritual path is secretly leading you to suffering.
Why is it so Difficult to Change our Mind?
A Course in Miracles is a course in mind training. This training involves changing our mind about what is true. This change cam
be challenging and some students might be even use the word "impossible".  Yet if the Course is designed to facilitate a
change, than it must be possible. Accepting that it is possible, why is it so challenging?  This article highlights three challenges
we encounter in changing our mind and three remedies that turns the challenges into little stepping stones.
A Course in Miracles Response to the Hurricane
When I ask for a Miracle, What am I Really Asking for?
I received an email from a student of ACIM asking for clarification on how to apply ACIM to  "superstorm Sandy" that was
about to make landfall in the Northeast . Here is my response.
A miracle is a source of confusion for Course students. Often we mix the ego's plan of salvation with God's plan and this is
why we are confused. The ego's plan maintains that what is sick is in the world and if the external circumstance were changed
we would be saved. God's plan maintains that only the mind is sick and what we perceive as "sick" is a hallucination of a sick
mind. Only the mind needs healing. When we try to find salvation with both plans it sounds like this:  "I need this external
circumstance to change to be saved. I will seek the light within to change what is wrong without." No wonder we are
confused! A miracle promises that we will be saved from sickness, pain and suffering and that only God's plan for salvation
will work. If we follow God's plan and ask for a miracle, what exactly is being healed and how is healing be accomplished?
I am Safe Because I am Mind
"Freedom must be impossible as long as you perceive a body as yourself". "The mind can be made free when it no longer sees
itself as IN a body."  In other words, we are free because we are mind. We are not limited at all. The body decides nothing.
The mind is the power behind the experience.
I Can be Saved Through Forgiveness?
Remembering My Purpose
In stressful situations where it seems a response is needed, it is especially important to remember your purpose. To get
"off-purpose" is to respond with the ego. To respond with the ego is to strengthen separation, attack, defense, guilt, blame,
fear, etc. There is nothing to gain and peace to lose. To stay "on-purpose" is to align with the Spirit of Love and remember your
part in bringing peace, harmony, and union to any situation that you find yourself in.  Here is a "cheat-sheet" to help you
remember your purpose.
Will this be an anniversary of reliving past pain or of releasing painful beliefs?
Anniversaries are a special way of reliving the past as if it is happening right now. They can be a joyous celebration of the past
or a reliving of a painful experience.  In each case, it seems that our experience of the day is determined by the type of event
that happened in the past. I have allot of compassion for anyone who has trouble on anniversaries. I dreaded anniversaries,
expecting all the pain of the past to be relived over the next 24 hours. Even in my early years with ACIM, I still believed that
what happened in the past was set and an anniversary was a time to relive it in the present. Fortunately, as I embraced more
of the teachings of ACIM, I learned that these days of remembrance could be used for a different purpose. I found another way
to “get through” an anniversary. Give them the purpose of healing. Let me explain with an example