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Our thoughts are powerful. They are the influence behind every emotion and perception. Yet the power to direct our minds is
even more powerful.  When we choose to believe what we think, we grow increasingly anxious and unhappy. Likewise, when
choose to listen to a Thought of God we are free.

Before I became a mom, I bought hook, line, and sinker societies definition of being a good mom. We tend to the child’s
physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and teach them about the world. In return the child responds with smiles, laughter,
love, and obedience.  Then I became a mom. As many young mothers do, I struggled with the right answer, felt completely out
of my league and had gone to bed many nights feeling like a complete failure. How many of us feel as if we have been put in
the driver’s seat of our kid’s lives without so much as a map, a GPS system or an On-Star with a nice calm voice that will tell
us exactly what to do in all emergency situations? If you have felt this way, don't panic. All you need to do is see the
relationship with your children in a new way.

After a few years on a spiritual path, I began to notice as I did my daily practice, a deeply rooted belief that after all this
spiritual work, I was going to fail.  Maybe some of you have had these thoughts or ones similar: “I will never get this.”  "I don’t
have a clue what I’m doing.” “This will never work.” "I don't have enough willingness, trust or discipline to succeed."  If you
have, you can attest to the complete devastation you feel when believing these thoughts.  As convincing as these thoughts are,
do not believe them! You are closer than you think to success.
My Thoughts are Causing my Distress
A Child/Parent Relationship as a Spiritual Path
You Cannot Fail
You may think it is impossible to see some things differently and be tempted to believe that what you are looking at is all
there is to see.  To help loosen your grip on this, I would like to share with you a teaching I was given that strengthened my
faith that there really is a hidden message in each encounter that will teach you how to be perfectly happy and at
matter what the picture looks like.
I Can't Believe There is Another Way to See This!
One day I was having a conversation with a very close friend. As we were talking I became increasingly disturbed. She was
attacking my position on the topic we were discussing. I felt unheard, uncared for, and stupid.  Feeling unsettled, I made up an
excuse to leave. I returned home and prayed for relief from the emotional pain I experienced while being with my friend. I was
guided to read workbook lesson 15 “What I think I see is an image I have made from my thoughts.”  This was hard to grasp.
The pain and suffering seemed to be coming from what she said, not from my thoughts! Resistant but willing, I asked the Holy
Spirit to help me understand how my mental interpretations were the cause of my pain.  The answer came in a dream and it
changed everything.
It is What you Think They are Saying That Hurts
I had young children in the 90’s.  In this decade you could not go to a play group, social gathering, grocery store or a public
place without hearing a mom say at least once to their kids, “Do you have your listening ears on?” It wasn’t too long before I
discovered why this was such a popular question. I began to notice that even though it appeared as if my children were
listening, they often were distracted and not hearing anything that I was saying. Instead of droning on and on I would get their
attention by asking, "Do you have your listening ears on?"  So often spiritual students talk about how frustrating it is to hear
spiritual guidance.  When we can't hear could it be that we are like children who appear to be listening but are distracted and
not really listening at all?
How to Listen to your Intuition
Years ago, my family heard some devastating news. Just moments before and for days previous, I had experienced
unwavering peace. Now I felt rattled, unnerved, anxious, and fearful. I knew the change from peace to fear came about, not
from the news itself but from my belief in what my body’s eyes and ears were reporting.  Although I had learned in the past to
keep an open mind and allow the Spirit to guide my understanding, In this case, it seemed impossible. In this article I share the
Spirit's gentle teachings on how to stay open to receive the miracle when we are troubled and afraid.  
Make Room for a Miracle
The word “story” is defined as “a narrative tale; true or fictitious, that is meant to report or give an account of the matter.”  
What is the narrative tale of your life that you retell over and over again?  It’s easy to find out. For me, just a quick look at my
past journals revealed my story.  “No one supports me.” “I’m always having to take care of the emotional needs or other.”
“People don’t appreciate what I do for them.” “Others can’t be trusted to care for me.”  No wonder I keep having the same
experience! I keep retelling my story. Would you like to have a new experience? It's time to begin a new story line.
Retelling your Stories will Ensure your Future Looks Just like your Past
Have you ever had one of those days...a day when sadness slowly creeps in and gloomy clouds hover over you? As you begin
to notice your thoughts, the analysis begins. Where did these thoughts come from? Why do I keep thinking them? What should
I do to heal them? You continue to feel badly, until it dawns on you... you are trying to solve the problem with the ego! Time to
call the Spirit and ask for Help.
If a Problem Occurs, Who Ya Gonna Call?
Many years ago I had become frustrated and unhappy with my life.  After years of unsuccessful attempts to change others and
get my needs met, I felt hopeless. Looking for help, I entered into a counseling relationship.  During a session there was a
pivotal moment that forever changed my life. Before, I believed I could only be happy and at peace when others responded or
behaved in a certain ways, nothing serious was going on, or my day went smoothly without mishaps or uncomfortable
feelings.  After years of living this way, I had a sudden epiphany in the counselor’s office that day.  This never works! Finally, I
was ready to learn of a new way to be free.
Your Freedom does not Depend on Others
ACIM is a course you study, practice, and teach in order to learn  who you are.  In some ways, a spiritual path is likened to
going back to school to unlearn what you were poorly taught and relearn what is true.  It seems a bit silly that we need to go
to school to learn about our Self.  But we do!  Whether one takes this course or follows another path, the learning is the
same.   You are not who you think you are!  
Are you Willing to Learn Something New About Youreself?
A while ago my family had contracted lice.  As I went into combat fighting against the invisible enemy that had invaded my
home, I was slightly aware of the growing terror.  Instead of sitting with it and asking for Divine Help, I forged ahead eager to
defeat the enemy. Then "it" happened.  What is “it”?  A multitude of fearful, attacking events that follow.  It felt as if I had
slipped on a rock and fell head-first into an abyss of problems.  Has “it” ever happened to you?  You’re going along feeling
balanced and peaceful and then with one disturbing event an avalanche of subsequent problems follow and darken your
world? Fear not. There is a way out. And it begins with one simple choice.
When Everything Seems To Go Wrong
Does it frighten you when your spiritual practice takes you in the opposite direction of what the world tells you to do in order to
be safe? You are not alone. In this article I share about a time in my life when I wanted to go within for healing, but believed
that if  I didn't try to solve the problem with external measures I was putting my family in danger.  The Spirit's answer helped
me understand that we are not asked to accept NO solution when on a spiritual path. We are asked to accept God's solution.
And this is what leads to miracles.
Spiritual Solutions are  Radically Different
As we look on the events happening in Haiti many Course students wonder how they can respond to the situation, while
staying true to the teachings of the Course.  We have a tendency to think that our response is an either/or choice. Either join in
the suffering and rush to help or sit back and say, “it’s all an illusion” and do nothing. Is there another way to respond to the
suffering of others without reinforcing guilt and separation?  I have outlined 3 teachings from ACIM that I hope with help you
discern, as A Course in Miracles student, how to look at and respond to this situation in a way that will heal and bless.
A Course in Miracles Response to Tragic Events
A Course in Miracles gives a reinterpretation of many of our celebrated holidays.  Click on the link below for audio links and
writings on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, Lent, Easter, and Mother's Day.
Turning the Holidays into a Spiritual Practice.
Thoughts That Illuminate  Page 1
Thoughts That Illuminate  Page 1
Help for When You are Stuck in Painful Ego Beliefs   
A Course in Miracles promotes and encourages the flushing up of ego beliefs as a way to be free of them.  Sometimes when
the ego beliefs are exposed, the mind becomes trapped in the pain of the ideas because we still believe them. Until we have
experienced a healing of our beliefs, they are the facts about ourselves, God, and the world. This can result in exposing the
beliefs, feeling the pain of the beliefs, but still holding on to them and not letting go. Do not be dismayed. There is a way out.
Here is an exercise that will take you through the steps to heal all that you believe without getting stuck in the muck of your
wrong-minded thinking.